What are the Characteristics of High-Quality Porcelain?

To determine the quality of porcelain drinkware or mugs, you’ll want to evaluate these characteristics:

Durability: During the firing process, porcelain is fired in the kiln at very high temperatures – around 2,650° F. This makes the finished product harder and denser than fine/bone china and more suitable for professional or everyday use. Porcelain is strong and chip-resistant. It is also non-porous, even when unglazed, and has a smooth, watertight surface. 

Color: Quality porcelain has a white body with gray or blue undertones.

The exterior decals on Konitz mugs ensure that the color and decor last through years of washing without fading. 


Glaze: Glazed porcelain has a smooth, shiny, glass-like finish. In proper porcelain glazing technique, a layer of decorative glass is applied to the body.