Coffee Bar by Könitz

Coffee: it gently wakes us up in the morning and stimulates our minds and bodies. People worldwide rely on its natural aroma to start their day.

You wouldn’t use the same glass for every type of wine, so why do it with your coffee? Coffee Bar from Könitz consists of 11 styles of coffee cups, each developed to maximize the unique experience of a specific coffee drink.

Coffee Bar by Konitz

Here is an explanation of which beverages you should drink from which cup:


1. Espresso Cups – Espresso, Espresso Ristretto

Flavor is concentrated in the upper part of the cup. Mount on the bottom inside of the cup supports the creation of a foamy cup. 


2. Espresso Doppio Cups – Espresso Doppio (double espresso), Espresso Coretto, Espresso Macchiato, Turkish Coffee, Mokka

Flavor is concentrated near the nose because of the narrow shape. Foot of the cup is narrow and prevents coffee residue from mixing back into the coffee. 


3. Café Crème Cups – Café Crème, Swiss Coffee, Caffe Amaretto

Open rim of the cup enables the aroma to mix with the air, making the aroma milder. Taste of the coffee will develop mainly on the palate. 


4. Cappuccino Cups – Cappuccino, Espresso Doppio with Milk, Filter Coffee

The taste of coffee is sealed under the milk foam and emerges as you drink. 


5. Latte Macchiato Cups – Latte Macchiato, Coffee Cocktails (alcoholic coffee beverages)

The tall and elegant shape ensures that you enjoy the sensation of one sip of milk and one sip of coffee alternately. Do not stir and coffee and milk together. 


6. Café au Lait Bowls – Café au Lait (half coffee, half hot milk), Cereal

Large shape allows you to dip bread – the French dip until the coffee is lukewarm, then drink the remainder. 


7. Irish Coffee Cups – Irish Coffee, Hot Chocolate

The flavor is retained in the top of the mug when it is filled 4/5. Tall, slim shape offers extra room for whipped cream. A cream top retains whisky flavor if alcohol is added, so don’t stir the cream but sip the coffee through it. 


8. Coffee Cups – Coffee, Tea

Professional-weight porcelain retains heat longer. Metal, glass, paper and plastic will all have a negative impact on the flavor of your coffee. Porcelain is 100% neutral. 


9. Mugs – Filter Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate

Classic, everyday mug to suit today’s lifestyle. 


10. Maxi Mugs – Coffee Mocha, Frappucino, Iced Tea, Iced Coffee

Large shape is suited for large drinks or mixed drinks containing ice cream. Large quantity ensures lasting enjoyment. 


11. Café Latte Cups – Café Latte, Milk