An Interview with the Waechtersbach Team

Where do you find inspiration when designing new products? 


Since Waechtersbach is best known for its vibrant color and contemporary patterns, our philosophy is to create products in a combination of solids and decorative prints. In designing our dinnerware, we aim to produce the boldest, brightest designs, drawing inspiration from art, pop culture, and nature. We also take suggestions from our customers into account.

Are there any specific designers, places, or eras that influence you?

Because we are a German company, European trends will always influence our dinnerware. In the 175+ years since Waechtersbach was established, our products have been influenced by artistic movements such as Art Nouveau and Bauhaus. We strive to stay true to our German heritage by creating modern pieces with clean lines and innovative glazing techniques.  

Is there an approach or look that joins the functionality, form, or emotional appeal of your products?

For us, color is key. We believe the colors you use to decorate your kitchen or dining table can enhance your mood or influence your well-being.  With color, you can choose what sort of atmosphere you’d like to create. For example, orange is energizing, blue is calming, red evokes emotion, and green promotes relaxation.

Do you have a specific philosophy surrounding Könitz Mugs?


At Könitz Porzellan, we strive to be the #1 mug resource. We produce high-quality porcelain mugs and are inspired by the way people use them and give them as gifts. We believe each mug can stand alone as its own unique piece.

There is an interesting piece of research conducted by a German professor that shows how a favorite mug can become an important statement about who you are. With this in mind, we make special mugs for special people as well as a variety of mugs to suit all types.