• Setting The Table - A Guide to Proper Place Setting

    While it may feel intimidating, setting the table is not as difficult as it seems! If you’re hosting a dinner party, with a few simple rules your dining room will be guest-ready in no time. Arrangement and creativity are key to a pretty place setting.
  • An Interview with the Waechtersbach Team

    Waechtersbach is best known for its vibrant color and contemporary patterns, our philosophy is to create products in a combination of solids and decorative prints.
  • History of the Coffee Mug

    It's said that Waechtersbach is the inventor of the can-shaped mug - the traditional coffee mug with a cylindrical body and curved handle.
  • The Art of Italian Coffee

    You may have heard of our Coffee Bar Collection, but how much do you know about Italy’s coffee culture, which inspired this authentic line of white coffee cups?
  • How To Select The Perfect Dinnerware

    With so many options available, choosing dinnerware for your kitchen or dining room can be a tough decision! It's an item essential to every home, setting the tone for a meal and making a statement about your personal style – but do you really know what to consider when making a purchase?
  • What's Your Color?

    Since it’s so easy to update your dinnerware on a regular basis, go ahead and experiment! Our solid Waechtersbach Fun Factory pieces come in a rainbow of colors and are easy to mix-and-match. Shop now!

  • What are the Characteristics of High-Quality Porcelain?

    To determine the quality of porcelain drinkware or mugs, you’ll want to evaluate these characteristics: durability, color, and glaze. 
  • Coffee Bar by Könitz

    You wouldn’t use the same glass for every type of wine, so why do it with your coffee? Coffee Bar from Könitz consists of 11 styles of coffee cups, each developed to maximize the unique experience of a specific coffee drink.